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The Wolf group was founded in 1996 and has established itself as a highly automated manufacturer of cases, bracelets, and buckles in a global market. We pride ourselves on being a completely independent and versatile manufacturing hub catering largely to Swiss clientele.
The Wolf Group is composed of three companies: Manufacture Wolf based in Biel, Switzerland, Wolf Asia in Hong Kong, and Wolf Sino in China.

We are able to process stainless Steel 316L (1.4404, 1.4435 & 1.4441), Stainless Steel 904L (1.4539), Titanium Grade 2 and 5, Bronze CuSn6 and C95200, Aluminium 6061, as well as other Precious Metals – offering a wide range of solutions to our clients’ needs.




Extendable Bracelet

The aim of high-quality watch production is to deliver a visual masterpiece that provides maximum comfort without compromising on style. With the creation of our extendable bracelet (patent pending), we hope to provide watch-wearers with a product that achieves exactly that. Pushers integrated as part of the bracelet allow customers to make fine adjustments to the length of their watch with ease while maintaining the sleek elegance of bracelets made at Wolf.
The small adjustment capacity is created to suit your needs throughout the year: it allows you to adjust to minor changes in your wrist size in the heat of summer and the cold of winter – a subtle innovation that represents a greater care for customer comfort.

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Manufacture Wolf SA

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Phone: +41 32 344 90 00


Mr. Beat Geiser



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“A learning organisation is an organisation that is continually expanding its capacity to create its future.”

Mission – We consistently strive for excellence by anticipating our customers’ expectations with the aim of exceeding them.

Our mission is to deliver products of the highest quality, ensuring a competitive edge in the global market.

Vision – We are committed to expand and become the world’s most automated, exacting and high precision manufacture of components in the watch industry with the legacy of Swissness and quality as our ultimate guide and goal. We aim to provide long term value to our customers by continuously improving processes, enhancing systems and investing in our production facilities.

Values  ​​– We pride ourselves on creating a respectful work environment based on integrity, making good on our promises and delivering results. The culture of unity and independence, together with the workmanship and reliability of our products, are ultimately responsible for the sustainable growth of the Wolf group of companies and a successful future.